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LIMITED AVAILABILITY – discontinued. Check with retailers here. Wave Cannon Version 2.0 coming in early 2015.

This is the Wave Cannon™, our flagship pedal. Named to the “Buzz Bin” and named one of the Top Ten pedals of the year by Guitar World magazine, it is based on and inspired by our favorite op-amp fuzzes and distortions from the 1970s and 1980s. In distortion mode it is a veritable candy-apple-colored treat of great overdrive sounds. In the right hands, it is capable of going from “cleanish” boost to amber waves of gain, all with a definite sonic personality. Even in a tuxedo, James Bond is still a killer. A serious player will find plenty of great sounds with the Wave Cannon, and a broad range of gain settings that respond to how you play. Changing your technique, pick attack, dynamics, guitar and amp controls, pickup selections, and so on will yield a variety of really cool and useful tones. Here’s a great demo from Nathan Sousa, one of our customers, where he demonstrates the range and versatility of the pedal.

In Havoc™ mode, chaos reigns. Seriously, it can be crazy. Here’s Eddie Berman from Indoor Storm showing the two modes, distortion first and Havoc™ second:

We’re not going to pretend that this pedal is for anyone and everyone. While its tones are robust and overt, the Wave Cannon is not for the novice who expects their gain pedal to do most of the work for them. Nor did we nanny-state this pedal to protect you from yourself; if you dime all the controls and use a really bright guitar and amp, things may get weird, squeal, and whistle at you. We mean what we say by hand crafted, and we’ve cooked this thing to be a real sonic weapon in your setup. Use its power wisely, and if you’re not sure where to start, we took the time to write this useful guide for you. Want to see how we make our pedal? Click the image on the left to see a video of us making one. Curious about what other people have thought? Check out some of our testimonials. Are you interested in a one-off or customized version? Please check out our “Cannonballs” special limited availability pieces, or check out the modifications we offer. Interested customers or retailers are encouraged to click here to contact us via email with any questions you may have.

Here’s a great video of Taylor Barefoot demonstrating the pedal in the context of a track he’s recording for Casey Desmond.

Our work on this pedal would not be possible if not for the freely shared wisdom of these people, among others.