Justin1-e1326774371158Our Cannonball™ pedals are our very limited, one-off unique or custom order pieces. Each is a work of art, with the enclosure custom painted by a noteworthy artist and then specially wired by hand in our shop.

Each begins with our acclaimed Wave Cannon™ distortion circuit, but we put a couple special tweaks inside to make each pedal unlike any other. Then we load the Havoc switch, but this time we put it on a rugged latched or momentary footswitch that you can activate with your foot.

While this is by no means the complete collection of custom Cannonballs we’ve made, we encourage you to click on the images to learn more about each pedal and the retailer where it can be found.

For an excellent demo of the Cannonball pedal and its sound and functions, check out Pete Thorn’s work for Vintage King below.

Each Cannonball™ also includes the following extra treats: *An invitation to the original owner of the pedal to join us for a drink at one of our favorite watering holes on our dime. should they ever have occasion to visit Columbia, SC. The bearer of this certificate is expected to have a conversation topic; should they be unable to afford one, a conversation topic WILL BE ASSIGNED TO THEM.