Listed below are some of our noteworthy customers. We take pride in making the same high quality gear for everyone who gets a Caroline product. Regardless of your performance venues or achievements so far, we believe your best (and ours) is yet to come.
Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses)
Nels Cline (Wilco, Pillow Wand)
Phillip Cope (Kylesa)
Taylor York (Paramore)
Mike Weiss (meWithoutYou)
Mark Karan (Bob Weir, Ratdog, Dave Mason, Sophie B. Hawkins)
Brian Fechino (Pat McGee, Keith Kane)
WG Snuffy Walden (14 time Emmy Nominee, numerous film and TV soundtracks)
Kevin Kadish (Grammy Nominated Songwriter and Producer)
Evan Field (Honor by August)
John Butler
Bryan Ewald (Starbelly)
Carter Gravatt (Carbon Leaf)
Mario Sacasa
Archer Avenue Studio
John Flannery (School of Rock, Ultimate Fighting Championship score, extensive session work)
Joe Barresi (Producer – Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Melvins, countless others)
Chris Keup (Producer/Owner, White Star Sound)
Loren Turner (Foxy Shazam)